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Welcome to Princess Cruise Lines

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Princess Cruise Lines

Princess Cruise Lines 

Welcome to Princess Cruise Lines, it’s time to set sail on the most amazing vacation! There’s so much to do on this incredible ship and we know that you’re going to have the best time. You might be planning your trip and want to know a bit about it, plus you might need a transportation service to get you there. At Elegance Limo Service we offer ground transportation to and from your cruise terminal, your hotel and more. 

While on Princess Cruise Lines you’ll be greeted with a friendly staff and crew who are excited to welcome you. There’s lots to do for everyone, including the kids, from island adventures to the most excellent food. 

Food and Dining

Also while on board, Princess is now offering more flexibility when it comes to how you can order your food. This is by using OceanNow, a simple app that can get your meal right to your cabin. You’ll enjoy the Marketplace that offers regional fare, chef specialities and family favourites. 

Included in this is Dine My Way, “is all about personalizing your cruise dining experience. Customize your dining time for each day, whether making reservations for the main dining room (which is included) or specialty restaurants (which charge a small cover charge). Have dinner at the same time each night or change it based on what works for you.* Once on board, you can order food and drinks for delivery wherever you are through OceanNow®. More options at your fingertips means less time waiting and more time to dine your way.”

Dine My Way also lets you customize your reservations as well as other dining options. This feature is only access once your cruise is fully paid. OceanNow also allows guests to dine when they want and select dining times at their favourite restaurant. 

Entertainment on Princess 

Entertainment on Princess is world class and something you’ll not forget! Enjoy Rock the Opra, “This one-of-a-kind production features incredible costumes inspired by glamorous avant-garde fashion with a musical soundtrack spanning classic rock, opera and musical theater, sung in English, Spanish, Latin and even American Sign Language – a Princess first!” You won’t want to miss this show along with some other incredible shows. 

Check out the 5-Skies, one of Princess’s most technologically advanced productions. This show features Gamer 1 as they dare to take on 5-Skies with some of the most incredible visuals as you follow along with this virtual reality game. 

Next you can visit the show called The Secret Silk Weaves a Soaring World of Enchantment. “Watch a remarkable world come to life before your eyes as life-size puppetry from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, dance and special effects transport you to a mythical realm. Created and directed by John Tartaglia, a star of Broadway hits such as Avenue Q and Disney’s Beauty and the BeastThe Secret Silk is our third exclusive show produced with Stephen Schwartz, the Oscar®, Grammy® and Tony® award-winning composer of Wicked. Join us for a mystical evening as the secret is revealed.”

The list of shows goes on and on, with world class talent and entertainment that will make your time on the ship truly unforgettable. Of course there will be times when you want to have some adventures, maybe off the ship but also on the ship. There are so many activities on Princess that there will never be a day with nothing to do, however, sometimes isn’t it nice to relax by the pool and do nothing? 

Activities on Princess 

Time to take some adventures while you’re on the ocean and also on land. The list of things to do is a long one and we know there will be something that you’ll want to do. Princess has made sure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Some of the activities you can try are; SEA Enchantment Programs, Live It Up at the Festivals of the World, Destination-Themed activities, Encounters with Discovery at SEA, Culinary Demonstrations & wine tastings, world class gaming, art gallery & auctions, The Shops of Princess Cruises, pools, hot tubs, sporting, Princess Book Club. 

There are also actives for kids and families as well, no on is left out when it comes to activities on Princess. Try the unique travel experience for the whole family with Discovery, Animal Planet,  and shore excursions. Family Cove, an interactive splash pad, oversized backyard games and Voyage to the stars on the top deck! 

Getting to your Cruise Port with Elegance Limo Service 

There are so many great reasons to take a cruise and we are so thrilled that the industry is coming back to life. There are so many incredible places to visit and we know that you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime. 

Now how will you get to your cruise port? We can help you out, at Elegance Limo Service we offer a private ground transportation service. You can be picked up from the airport and delivered right to your cruise port and not have to worry about directions or getting lost. 

We do recommend that you arrive in Orlando a few days in advance of your cruise, if possible, so that you don’t have to be stressed with time getting to your cruise port. It should also be noted that we offer our service to and from all the major airports in the area, if you choose to fly into one that is located closer to your cruise port. 

It’s easy to make your reservation and this can be done online at anytime, 24/7. If you would like to review our fleet of vehicles you’re welcome to do that, we recently wrote a blog that goes over every single vehicle that we have. It might make choosing the right one a bit easier, of course you can contact us anytime and we can help you and answer any questions you might have. It’s time to start getting excited about your cruise!