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Transfers, Charters, and Hourly Rates

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What’s The Difference?

You might be wondering, what is the difference between transfers, charters and hourly rates. While each one has a difference they all get you where you’re going. At Orlando Limo Service we want to make sure our guests understand the differences when using our private ground transportation service.


When it comes to charters, we are referring to a group of people who have hired or booked the use of a vehicle for a certain amount of time. This includes an itinerary a fixed rate, this means there needs to be a minimum of three hours. 

Weddings that use charters are asked that they prepay to secure their vehicles and time slots. When a vehicle is required for any additional time, it can be extended in 30 minute increments. For more information about extending your charter please contact us for more details and how you will be charged for this additional time. 


Transfers refer to a service when a driver picks up guests at a location and delivers them to the next location. We often refer to this as “Point A to Point B,” however, there is a limited standby time or wait time that is assured with transfers. This means that the guest or guests, need to be ready to leave when their vehicle arrives. 

This is very much like a taxi service, in that guests are prepared and waiting to be transported from location to location. This type of service is popular with executives who are visiting Orlando for business, and for those that need transportation from the airport to their hotel, resort or cruise port. At Orlando Limo Service, we are able to pick up and drop off our guests at all the International airports. 

Hourly Rates 

Have you been wondering what hourly rates are? Much like transfers, hourly rates can vary depending on the location the guest needs to be transported to. We have a wide variety of vehicles that can accommodate small to large groups. 

The cost of your trip will be determined based on the vehicle and the distance you are travelling. You can visit our reservation section and our limousine fleet section of our website to learn more about booking, and what to expect. 

Make a Reservation with Orlando Limo Service 

Making a reservation with Orlando Limo Service is easy and be can done online at anytime. We are looking forward to working with you and we are sensitive to our guests need during this time. That’s why our vehicles are well maintained, sanitized and we keep up with industry standards. 

You can make your reservation for private ground transportation online or over the phone at any time, we offer a wide rang of vehicles to accommodate most groups. We encourage you to ask us questions about our COVID-19 measures, we want our guests to feel safe and confident in our service. All of us at Orlando Limo Service are looking forward to meeting you soon!