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Orlando Limo Service COVID-19 Measures

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Downtown Orlando

Industry Standards

Here at Orlando Limo Service we take COVID-19 measures very seriously to ensure the health and safety of our passengers and chauffeurs. We only require our drivers to wear face masks if they are not vaccinated, but our passengers are not required to wear them while in our vehicles, unless they choose to. That is a personal decision which we support either way. 

Our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized before and after every ride, keeping our vehicles clean and well maintained is something that we pride ourselves on. Since COVID-19 we have made sure to go the extra mile. We also make sure to stay well informed and educate ourselves and staff regarding the ongoing pandemic so that we can keep our guests safe. 

When it comes to industry standards we also make sure that we are keeping up to date. Our fleet goest through monthly inspections, we keep our vehicles up to date, we have the latest models, we have a certified dealer do the mechanical repairs, we maintain a Million dollar policy, we have professional chauffeurs, we do background checks on all drivers before we hire them and every year when we renew their chauffeur permits. 

CDC Standards

The CDC has been also setting out lots of guidelines for us to follow and also helping us with ways to keep our divers and guests safe. Some are as simple as making sure that if one of our drivers isn’t feeling well, that they stay home. However, we also makes sure that all of our drivers are vaccinated. 

Wearing a mask is something that we have our drivers do if they are not vaccinated, but we do not require our guests to, unless they choose to. We leave this up to our guests to decide. When you’re driving guests from point A, to point B, limiting contact can be hard since you’re in the same car. However, we do our best when we can. The CDC recommends that guests sit 6 feet apart from the driver, but we are aware that this can be hard if you’re in a smaller vehicle. That’s why our drivers are vaccinated or if they aren’t, they are wearing a mask. 

Making a Reservation 

We are looking forward to working with you and we are sensitive to our guests need during this time. That’s why our vehicles are well maintained, sanitized and we keep up with industry standards. 

You can make your reservation for private ground transportation online or over the phone at any time, we offer a wide rang of vehicles to accommodate most groups. We encourage you to ask us questions about our COVID-19 measures, we want our guests to feel safe and confident in our service. All of us at Orlando Limo Service are looking forward to meeting you soon!